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Mantis Tiller
Mantis tiller is 4 cycle garden tiller with repair parts and electric carburetor

Mantis Tiller

Tilling the garden is a great way to keep your plants healthy and the soil fertile. So use for it a Mantis tiller.

Lifespan and Warranty of Mantis tiller

Mantis tiller is well known for its capacity and durability. Each tiller is powered by forceful Honda engine, which is incredibly easy to start. Feature of the Mantis tiller is equipping with two or four cycle engine which is powerful enough to plow up the hardest soil layers. Both the engine size does not require a mixed gas, so fueling mantis tiller is very simple. Additionally, the Mantis Company produces an electric model, too, which is even easier to use.

The Versatility of Mantis tiller

Mantis tiller is a quite versatile instrument. Today, it can be used for various purposes not only in the garden, but also for your lawn. Mantis tiller is often used to plowing the soil before planting. Plow the soil twice a year can be a time-consuming process, Mantis tiller helps facilitate it and tines easily penetrate to the soil up to 10 inches deep, despite its hardness. Even the rocky soil yields to the pressure of this device. If you want to make a flower bed in your garden or in the yard, mantis tiller will plow the soil as soon as possible. It is also useful for mixing compost, cultivating weeds and aerating the lawn, as well for creating a garden's or lawn's border. In addition, Mantis tiller helps you to plow a trench to plant rows of flowers or vegetables and helps to make grooves for planting trees or installing garden' fixtures.

Customization and attachments of Mantis tiller

Mantis tiller has several attachments that can be mounted on the handlebar for custom work. Steel plow makes easy to create rows. The rows can be deep or surface, depending on the kind of plants which will occupy the territory. It is easy to plant vegetables such as potatoes, onions, and other plants which grow deep into the soil by using the steel plow. Another useful attachment of the mantis tiller is a loan dethatcher, which helps to rid your lawn of weeds. Dethatcher also helps control the amount of insects and provides drainage for your lawn. One more attachment is the Mantis tiller lawn aerator, which refreshes the soil.

Why Mantis tiller?

Because it is a machine that has everything to make your lawn, garden or rows of vegetables and flowers healthy and helps them look better. Mantis tiller isa handy and mobile instrument and it is easy to manage compares to large cultivators which are bulky and clumsy. Any person will be able to manage it, including older folks, who are also trying to keep their gardens well-groomed. Regular plowing is an important part of the maintaining of the garden. Mantis tiller makes your garden healthier, gives it a fresh look which you can enjoy. It also has a 5 year warranty and in case of breakdowns, the company will replace all details for free during the warranty period.